September 23 – 25 at The Gaillard Center 

The 2022 Multi-Class Gathering was a weekend of reconnection, remembrance, reflection, inspiration, laughter, and looking ahead to the future of the Fellowship.  


Nearly 200 Fellows and guests registered for this year’s event. Each of the Fellowship’s 16 Classes was represented, and there were many opportunities to reconnect with one another over the weekend. As the first gathering where all Fellows had the opportunity to come together since the pandemic began, they were joyful to greet one another in person. 

As Fellows arrived in Charleston, they joined other members of their Class for lunch. Fellows also had the opportunity to connect with other Classes during Serendipity Dinners sponsored by Nexsen Pruet. Formally kicking off the event was a welcome reception sponsored by MUSC Health.  

Remembrance and Reflection 

The reception was also the first opportunity for the Fellowship to be together in-person to honor our Co-Founder Hayne Hipp since he passed away in 2020. After a video tribute, Hayne’s wife and Liberty Fellowship Co-Founder Anna Kate Hipp shared remarks in remembrance of Hayne. A Liberty Fellow from the inaugural Class Chad Walldorf (‘06) delivered a reflection and toast to Hayne’s memory, and Gary Eichelberger (‘19) gave an invocation. 

For the seminar sessions, Fellows were divided into 4 cohorts to explore readings and engage in civil dialogue. Guest Moderators Tonya Hinch, Tim Noonan, and John Deasy joined Fellow Moderators John Few (‘08), Betsy Fleming (‘06), Danielle Holley (‘14), and Windsor Sherrill (‘13), to facilitate these discussions. Each of the four groups of Fellows also participated in special preview tours of the International African American Museum (IAAM) which opens to the general public in 2023. The thought-provoking design of the space inspired deep thought and reflection for the groups. 


Executive Director of the United Nations World Food Programme and former Governor of South Carolina David Beasley shared lessons learned over a lifetime of leadership in the keynote address. His remarks reminded Fellows of the global context, and his stories inspired Fellows to continue along their leadership journeys. 

Over the last year, Liberty Fellows watched Judge J. Michelle Childs (‘10) navigate public consideration for the U.S. Court of Appeals and the U.S. Supreme Court while garnering broad-based support and showcasing values-based leadership. Judge Childs and Danielle Holley (‘14), dean of Howard University Law School, engaged in conversation about Childs’s experiences. Judge Childs also shared insights from her journey in an open Q&A with Fellows. 


Courtesy of entertainment sponsor SouthState Bank, Fellows enjoyed an evening of laughter with comedian Mike Goodwin who is married to Rozalynn Goodwin (‘20). Goodwin became nationally known from his appearance on Season 16 of America’s Got Talent. His performance connected Fellows and their guests in humor. 

Looking Ahead 

The weekend also provided space for the Fellows to be informed about new initiatives and future plans as Liberty Fellowship looks ahead to its 20th anniversary in 2024. President and CEO Ann Marie Stieritz (‘16) gave a presentation on the State of the Fellowship and engaged in open conversation with Fellows. 

Fellows from Wyche, P.A., Tally Casey (‘17) and Meliah Bowers Jefferson (‘20) announced a joint initiative between the law firm and Liberty Fellowship on the closing day of the event. The Challenge to Lead initiative calls on the business community to help build the next generation of leaders in South Carolina by investing in the Fellowship’s rigorous leadership program. Wyche is investing $55,000 in Liberty Fellowship and calling on others to match or exceed its investment. 

Even after the event concluded, Fellows stayed behind to engage in conversation with one another. As always, a gathering of Liberty Fellows sparks great conversation and connectivity that lays groundwork for the future. 

Thank you, sponsors!