Each Liberty Fellow is assigned a mentor in the early months of their Fellowship experience.  Both non-Fellows and Fellows serve as mentors and provide an additional resource on which new Fellows can rely for feedback and guidance.

Names in light blue are linked to individual Liberty Fellow profiles.


Alex McMillan

Alex Sanders

Amy Salzhauer

Anita Zucker

Ann Caulkins

Anna Kate Hipp

Anne Graham Masters

Ashley Allen

Barbara Rackes

Ben Navarro

Ben Rook

Betsy Cahill

Betty Temple

Bill Mahoney

Bill Masters

Billy Webster IV

Billy Wilkins

Bob Inglis

Bobby Harrell

Bogue Wallin

Brenda Thames

Bud Watts

Carl O. Falk

Carolyn Rivers

Charlie Cumbaa

Chris King

Chris Przirembel

Craig Brown

Crandall C. Bowles

Darla Moore

David Black

David E. Shi

David Ellison

David H. Wilkins

David Pankau

David Posek

David Zalesne

Derick Close

Diane Smock

Dick Wilkerson

Don Herriott

Donald R. Tomlin, Jr.

Doug Haugh

Dr. Raymond S. Greenberg

Dwayne Wilson

E. Erwin Maddrey, II

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