Each Liberty Fellow is assigned a mentor in the early months of their Fellowship experience.  Both non-Fellows and Fellows serve as mentors and provide an additional resource on which new Fellows can rely for feedback and guidance.

Names in light blue are linked to individual Liberty Fellow profiles.


Ed Sellers

Edith Howle

Elizabeth “Betsy” Gray

Elizabeth “Lib” Fleming

Elizabeth Davis

Etta Pisano

Francis P. Mood

Fred Carter

Gayle Averyt

George Dean Johnson

George Fletcher

Glenn Hilliard

Greg Thompson

Halsey M. Cook, Jr.

Harold Stowe

Harris E. DeLoach, Jr.

Harris Pastides

Hugh McColl

Hunter Howard, Jr.

Inez Tennenbaum

Jack Sanders

James F. Barker

James M. Keelor

James M. Micali

James W. Terry, Jr.

Jane Earle Pressly

Jane Upshaw

Jean Toal

Jeff Archie

Jennie Johnson

Jerry Barber

Jim Akerhielm

Jim Clements

Jim Newsome

Joe Degroff

Joe Erwin

Joel A. Smith, III

John Lumpkin

John S. Grinalds

John Spratt

John W. Folsom

Joseph P. “Joe” Riley

Katharine “Kitty” Robinson

Kaye Hearn

Kendall Alley

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