GREENVILLE, S.C. – Liberty Fellowship, a rigorous and transformative leadership experience unique to South Carolina, is currently accepting new nominations through July 1 at The next opportunity to nominate will be spring 2025.

Nominees for Liberty Fellowship must be:

  • A South Carolina resident between the ages of 30 and 47.
  • Intellectually curious and open to different perspectives.
  • An accomplished leader with a history of significant community engagement.
Deadline for Liberty Fellowship nominations July 1

The Fellowship experience is designed for leaders in South Carolina who want to learn from peers with different perspectives, refine their personal and professional leadership, and scale their impact,” said Ann Marie Stieritz, president and CEO of the Fellowship. “It is a transformational experience that continues over the course of a lifetime.”

The Fellowship begins with a challenging seminar curriculum in the U.S. and abroad and the creation of an individual impact venture. Once the initial requirements are completed over 18 months, the experience continues to shape the lives of Fellows with engagement opportunities and an influential network of mentors and colleagues. As a result, Liberty Fellows are better prepared to foster collaboration, innovation and sustainable growth for their businesses, organizations, and communities.

Liberty Fellowship was founded in 2004 by Greenville businessman Hayne Hipp and his wife Anna Kate. The organization has grown into an independent nonprofit organization led by the Fellows themselves.

There are now 330 Liberty Fellows. Eighty-seven percent of Fellows remain in South Carolina. Seventy-six percent are from the business community, 12% are from the nonprofit sector, and 12% are from the public sector.

Through the Fellowship’s affiliation with The Aspen Institute, Liberty Fellows also become members of the Aspen Global Leadership Network, a community of 3,000 leaders in 60 countries.

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